X-Rack Tesla Model X cargo carrier: lightweight aluminum and custom fit for the trunk

Tesla Model X is arguably the gold standard in automotive technology and innovation, but its flashy upswing Falcon Wing door eliminates any possibility of a roof rack and roof-mounted cargo. Activities involving any sort of large luggage or hauling of gear can be a logistical challenge, especially if the excursion involves the use of Model X’s third-row seating, be it for passengers, cargo or the family pet.

Tesla Model X owner, Nick Deninno, with his family of six, knows that all too well.

As an active New York-based Dad to four young children, the trunk area and folding third-row seats of Nick’s Tesla Model X gets plenty of use. But it has its limitations.

“I found quickly that once you have the 3rd-row seat up, all cargo space is all but lost. For a few years, I left one rear seat down on the third row and filled cargo next to my children that would eventually fall on them,” Nick tells Teslarati.

During the day, this Tesla owner runs a successful engineering and design firm. Putting his expertise in action, Nick devised a way to increase the storage capacity of his Tesla Model X, but without compromising battery range, rear-visibility, or parking in tighter locations, including Supercharging.

He called it X-Rack.

X-Rack Tesla Model X Cargo Carrier

Photo: Teslarati

Made in the USA and specifically for the Tesla Model X, the X-Rack incorporates the unique shape of the vehicle’s trunk deck into the cargo carrier’s overall shape. This design enables the rack to be at-the-ready without interfering with rear space when not in use.

X-Rack is manufactured out of lightweight aluminum as opposed to range-robbing steel, and engineered to withstand cargo up to 500 lbs (227 kg).

Give Me Range

Teslarati testing the X-Rack on a Tesla Model X P100D in San Francisco

Weighing only 16.5 lbs for the ultra-light X-Lite Cargo Carrier and 21 lbs for the heavier-duty XHD carrier, both versions are extremely lightweight, corrosion resistant due to the aluminum construction, and has a powder coated finish.

The X-Rack was designed with efficiency in mind, both to maximum battery range and for ease of use. Unlike other steel racks on the market that are often bulky and cumbersome to use, Teslarati found the X-Rack to be relatively simple in use and can be installed or detached in roughly 90 seconds. Most of the time is spent loosening the bolt and pin that secures X-Rack to Model X’s receiver.

There’s also a sliding receiver tube which stores flush in the rack and enables Model X to return to its factory look when not in use.

Put it Away

X-Rack Tesla Model X Cargo Carrier

X-Rack lightweight aluminum cargo carrier designed specifically for the Tesla Model X (Photo: Teslarati)

“The problem with hitch cargo carriers is that most are very large, heavy, and poor quality. But also you had to find a place to put it once you made it to your destination, or forced to drive around with it attached to the car for the entire trip.” – Nick, on why he decided to create X-Rack

The X-Lite and XHD Cargo Carrier can act as a replacement for Model X’s carpeted trunk floor cover or stow beneath it on a lower tier. The X-Rack can also tilt up and mimic the exact function as the factory trunk deck.

Photo: Teslarati

The frame of the X-Rack cargo carrier is powder coated in either black or white, while the deck is offered in black or silver.

Along with color options, the X-Rack frame has a rear receiver port for additional attachments like a fishing rod carrier, a swing-out bike rack, and other lifestyle accessories. There are also mounting points on the frame for the relocation of the license plate bracket. Nick tells us that a snowboard carrier adapter and X-Rack’s snow accessory mounts are on the way, along with a variety of other solutions for nearly any cargo need. Nick also tells Teslarati that he’s glad that he doesn’t get this look from his daughter anymore.

“A photo of my daughter with cargo next to her like the old days. Glad I don’t get those looks anymore. – Nick” (published with permission)

As avid Tesla drivers, we’re all well aware of the perks offered by driving electric, especially when combined with Tesla’s extensive Supercharger network. Now, with the added convenience and flexibility of cargo transportation offered by X-Rack, that experience can be made even better.

Visit X-Rack’s website for more information and pricing.

Teslarati was in need of carrying gear for various team activities and media shoots. A big thanks to X-Rack for providing us with the XHD carrier and for sponsoring our video. They’re also offering our readers 10% OFF when purchasing with the discount code TRATI-10.


X-Rack Tesla Model X cargo carrier: lightweight aluminum and custom fit for the trunk


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